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Heritage, Knowledge,

and a Passion for Precision!

A lighthouse is the company logo symbolizing McNeese Customs & Commerce’s reliable services, illuminating potential business perils and opportunities.
For nearly 20 years, we’ve been successfully guiding our clients through the rough seas of international regulatory compliance and into a safe harbor.

Martin McNeese, founder of McNeese Customs & Commerce, embodies four generations of knowledge and expertise in import-export: his great-grandfather owned a shipping and customs clearance enterprise focused on trade between Europe and New York, and his father specialized in logistics between the USA and Italy.

He became a US Licensed Customs Broker in 1999 and honed his international trade skills through the World Customs Organization (WCO) C5 unit, the WCO Academy, and ICC Paris.

In 2006, after 16 years with a Swiss multinational company, Martin McNeese decided to return to his Italian roots and create McNeese Customs & Commerce in the Venetian Region: a boutique regulatory compliance firm specializing in specific industries regulated by US Customs, USFDA, USDA, TTB, CFIA, CBSA and European customs and border agencies.

Our service is comprehensive, precise, and reliable because of its foundation on 30 years of interdisciplinary import-export experience.


Fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and basic Dutch

Important Notice:

Even though McNeese Customs & Commerce provides regulatory guidance and solutions to its clients, we are not a law firm and therefore cannot engage in rendering legal advice. Please contact your attorney in order to obtain proper legal advice.


We increase opportunities and decrease risk in international commerce by providing interdisciplinary import-export regulatory compliance services for savvy importers and exporters to ensure sustainable market penetration.


Our vision is to be like a lighthouse of knowledge and expertise, serving as a navigational aid in international commerce for our clients.


We are an artisanal, family business which prides itself in strong working relationships with our clients and collaborators.